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Expertise centres (bio)lubricants and lubrication
IVAM Research and Consultancy on Sustainability: Within the fields of Chemical Risk Management and LCA, IVAM has the expertise to evaluate the environmental performance of lubricants. The Chemical risks department coordinated the EU FP6 LLINCWA-project. IVAM has set up criteria for the European Ecolabel for lubricants and maintains contact with market parties that are active in this area.
Information: Ckees van Oijen; coijen@ivam.uva.nl, and Hildo Krop; hkrop@ivam.uva.nl
Click here for the IVAM website. (English)
University of Twente: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, “Surface technology and tribology” department. The department has a great number of different test setups at its disposal, with which the functioning and specific properties of (new) lubricants can be studied. In many cases standardised tests are applied to determine the functional and quality standards of the product.
Information: Prof. Dr. ir. Dirk J. Schipper; d.j.schipper@ctw.utwente.nl
Click here for the University of Twente website. (English)
Delft university of Technology: Faculty of Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering. The “Mechatronics” department studies tribological systems (design, life span, energy consumption, heat development etc.). Furthermore, research is being done into the compatibility of oils with sealing systems (e.g. with plastic rings) by means of compatibility tests.
Information: Dr ir. A. van Beek; A.vanBeek@tudelft.nl
Click here for the website of Delft University of Technology. (English)
Eindhoven University of Technology: Institute for Drive and Tribo Technology (DAT). DAT executes industry assignments such as research assignments, troubleshooting or performing measurements, especially in the field of lubrication, wear and friction regarding the mechanical design of drives and components. Specific points of attention are mechanical (especially gear) drives, hydraulic drives, sound and special measuring techniques, materials science research, wear and lubrication, seals and bearings.
Information: prof. dr. ir. M.J.W. Schouten; m.j.w.schouten@tue.nl.
here for the Eindhoven University of Technology website.
TNO – Industry & Technology: The Department of Tribology concerns itself with friction, wear and lubrication. TNO Industry en Technology (English) cooperates closely with industrial and academic partners. TNO analyses the contact between materials on nanometre and on metre scale, imitate the contact and perform measurements using special advanced equipment.
Information: Dr. ir. Bert Huis in ’t Veld and Ir. J. (Julien) van Kuilenburg. Tel. 0031-(0)40-265 0793 
RWS (Dutch Department of Waterways and Public Works) knowledge centre environmentally-friendly lubricants: Staff members of the RWS can be approached regarding experience of, exchange of and advice on environmentally-friendly lubricants. Contact Arjan Tromp, RWS Bouwdienst, afdeling SWI, Griffioenlaan 2, Postbus 20000, 3502 LA Utrecht. Tel: 0031-(0)88-7973535; 0031-(0)6-50419600. Click here for more information. 
Fachagentur Nachwachsende Rohstoffe, (FNR), Agency for Renewable Resources: The German FNR’s website is dedicated entirely to lubricants.The FNR promotes renewable materials and works under the authority of the Bundesministeriums für Ernährung, Landwirtschaft und Verbraucherschutz.
European technical commission for bio-based lubricants (CEN/TC 19/WG 33) For more information on the lubricants normalisation working group you can contact Ortwin Costenoble; energy@nen.nl or dial 0031-(0)15-2690326. For information on normalisation of bio-based products in general, contact Harmen Willemse; harmen.willemse@nen.nl  or dial 0031-(0)152690295.

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