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Examples of lubrication on, and in the vicinity of, surface water (LLINCWA)

LLINCWA (Lubrication in Inland and Coastal Water Activities) was a knowledge transfer projectthat was sponsored by the European DG enterprise from 2000 to 2003. The main goal of the LLINCWA project was to counteract diffuse water pollution by stimulating the use of non-toxic biodegradable lubricants in inland and coastal water activities.

As part of the LLINCWA project, experience was gained from pilot projects with biolubricants in hydraulic installations in the Netherlands and other Western European countries.

The LLINCWA project contributed to the creation of the European Ecolabel in 2005.

N.B. some of this information is outdated; new biolubricants (bearing the European Ecolabel and various national ecolabels) have come onto the market, that meet more stringent ecological and technical requirements.