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Practical experiences with ecologically friendlier lubricants

The examples listed below illustrate hands-on experience with the introduction of ecological lubricants and show that Sustainable Purchasing is important to consumers and requires thorough support. 

Within these practical examples we have distinguished between experiences with class I and II biolubricants, and other types of biolubricants. For example, prior to 2005 projects could not use lubricants with a European Ecolabel (class I), because the label had not been established yet. A number of practical examples will feature combinations of classes, or even products that do not fit the definition of biolubricant at all. Nevertheless, these examples were included because the objective was finding the solution with the lowest ecological impact and because well-documented examples of the use of class I and II biolubricants are, as yet, limited. Ecolabel websites can be used to ascertain whether certain products bear an ecolabel. 

Manufacturers, suppliers, contractors and consumers with clear accounts of their practical experience with biolubricant application are more than welcome to share their experiences on this website. More information on the preconditions for external contributions to this website (PDF).