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1. Does part assembly paste fall under the European Ecolabel for biolubricants?

The product information showed that the product had an NSF food-safety certificate, and due to its metal-free, ceramic ingredients it proved to be safe for humans and the environment. This product has a certain amount of lubricating properties. The product information on this part assembly paste also mentions that it is not suited to use on mobile parts such as plain bearings, roller bearings etc. This product does not fall under the lubricant product definition and therefore, it is not eligible for the EEL, unless the manufacturer wishes to characterise this product as a ‘total loss lubricant’. 

In 2010, when the EEL was last revised, its scope was expanded by adding a fifth category: industrial and marine gear box oils. Additionally, various types of lubricants were explicitly added to the differentiating categories (gearbox oil, marine lubricants, hydropower turbine oils and tractor transmission oil.) Furthermore, the criteria allude to a Lubricant Substance Classification (LuSC) list, which evaluates substances, base fluids or additives packages according to the revised ecolabel criteria. After this evaluation took place, any supplier who put in a request, received a ‘letter of compliance’.